Brothers join forces to create specialist commercial finance brokerage

22/12/2022, 1:39 pm

The New Year saw the launch of a new commercial finance brokerage, Cotterell & Cotterell Commercial Finance, which will advise on all major areas of commercial mortgages & finance, development finance, management buyouts and bridging finance. 

The firm has been launched by two brothers, Elliot and Oliver Cotterell, who grew up around the property industry. From renovating homes in France to building homes in England, houses and homes are in their DNA.

Elliot and Oliver already run two independent and flourishing mortgage businesses. Elliot Cotterell is the founder of award-winning My Mortgage Maker, while his elder brother, Oliver Cotterell, is the founder of his own mortgage brokerage, Windsor Hill Mortgages. 

Windsor Hill Mortgages was set up on the brink of the pandemic and has thrived and adapted to the changes in the property industry over recent years. Like his younger brother’s My Mortgage Maker, Oliver’s Windsor Hill Mortgages has seen its success noticed, winning a number of local and national awards.

With both personal and professional experience, C&C Commercial Finance offers the same personal and professional approach, with both brothers using their experiences and knowledge to guide clients throughout their projects. Their unique experience enables them to provide a niche and specialist approach to everything they do.

Elliot Cotterell, co-founder, C&C Commercial Finance, commented:

We’ve both walked our own path in the property industry, and now those paths join together. We’re excited to build C&C Commercial Finance into a flourishing business and we will do it the way we know brings results, by earning the trust of our clients and providing them with our in-depth knowledge of the industry.”

Oliver Cotterell, co-founder, C&C Commercial Finance, added:

"Elliot and I live and breathe property. Combining our experience strengthens our offering and enables us to provide the specialist knowledge needed in what is both a challenging and changing time in the property industry.”