Scented wedding numbers surge

4/8/2021, 11:56 am

Derbyshire-based scent specialist, The Scent Styling Company, says bookings of scented weddings have risen by 20% over the past year as people have sought to make their weddings (with often reduced guest numbers) more special as a result of the pandemic. 

Scented weddings are about integrating an olfactory experience into a couple's special day. Couples choose a scent that they connect with emotionally and then that scent is infused into the wedding, all the way from the invitations to the altar and reception and beyond.

Founder Jane Helliwell says:

With many couples having had to delay their weddings or reduce guest numbers, lots more people have been looking for ways to make the day even more special and scented wedding bookings have surged in popularity since the pandemic began.

Rachael and George Tomkins were recommended the scented wedding service by their wedding venue, Hooton Pagnell Hall in Doncaster. They had never heard of scenting weddings and Rachael's initial reaction was:

It sounded very exclusive, very 21st century and I absolutely wanted to have it for our wedding. George, however, thought it meant having pheromones bottled!

Rachael and George chose the scent that reminded them both of a trip to St Lucia in 2019, specifically the smell of the suite at the resort. On the day, the scent was layered throughout the wedding venue, spritzed on the table linen and diffusers placed in the toilets. As it was the summer and very hot, lace-scented fans were also provided to guests and the scent was even introduced into their rooms. Rachael Tomkins concluded:

The scent made our wedding day truly unique; it had our guests talking before the wedding, during it and even weeks afterwards. I have guests still calling me asking how they can have a scented wedding for themselves. It gave our wedding a bit of extra class and personalisation."


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