Milton Keynes-based Children’s educational supply firm Teddo Play wins a National Award

9/3/2023, 7:07 am

Milton Keynes-based Children’s educational supply firm, Teddo Play, wins a national award recognising their UK-made learning products as the ‘Best in Children’s Development Products’ across the country by the Global Excellence Awards 2022-2023.

Children are often left feeling frustrated after long hours in front of screens with rapidly changing visuals and a lack of real conversation with real people. Often, the conflicting, even misleading, information in cartoons and overly imaginative movies and digital games leave children confused and irritable. 

Keisha wanted to make an effort to solve this universal problem by creating a range of fun and tactile resources that will encourage children and grown-ups to not only spend quality-time with each other but also to equip children with more accurate information and a better vocabulary from the youngest age possible to help them better express themselves.

At Teddo Play, Keisha, alongside her husband, has set out on a journey to nurture a life-long love of learning in children with their versatile range of engaging educational resources for children 2-14 years old (some are even being used by medical students, nurses, subject heads - so age really is no bar!), all made right here in the UK.

Supporting the UK economy in their own way, Teddo Play create their resources in consultation with educators, researchers and professionals and they are loved by teachers, headteachers, subject heads, educational consultants, speech and language therapists, play specialists, parents and families who have wholeheartedly called them 'a very powerful learning aid for children young and old'.

Keisha Shah, co-founder, Teddo Play, commented:

“Winning this award is brilliant. I am so excited to add this new feather to Teddo Play’s cap! Simple conversations with children play a huge role in shaping their self-esteem and contributing positively to their mental well-being as they grow up into fine individuals. I am just very happy that our resources are making a positive impact on children’s development. Now you can have happy children excited about learning and conversations without the frustrations that come from being plugged in.”

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