Aspiring judo Olympian seeks sponsorship to make her dream come true

21/6/2022, 7:42 am

Bath, 21 June 2022 -- Bristol and Bath-based 5x British judo champion, Tatum Keen, is seeking sponsorship to help fuel her career and realise her dream of making the Olympics. 

Tatum's judo career, which started at the age of 6 at Bath university but switched to Bradley Stoke judo club from the age of 10, has rapidly become a full-time profession — and she is now required to travel all over the world to train and compete. 

Tatum's key achievements to date include:

  • Represented GB at the European Youth Olympics and achieved 5th place
  • Chosen to be GB FLAG BEARER at the Youth Olympics opening ceremony
  • Female Cadet Judo Athlete of the Year 2019
  • Female Junior Athlete of the Year 2021
  • Bath Young Sports Personality of the Year 2018
  • Competed in the WORLD and EUROPEAN championships 2021

Her goals are to:

  • Represent GB in the Olympics and secure a medal
  • Achieve top results in the IJF world circuit, which will get me to top 5 ranked in the world
  • Become World and European champion

As a completely self-funded athlete, Tatum must cover a whole range of expenses, which total £20,000 per annum. Breakdown below.

Tatum says these expenses are essential to take her career in the right direction, and to stay on top of her competitors, most of whom are at full-time training centres.

She says it is also crucial that she travels to competitions that will gain her world-ranking points. Therefore, securing any financial support, sponsorship or any co-operation with an individual or company, is essential.

Judo has now become a full-time profession for me and, in order to achieve my dream of making the Olympics and winning gold, I need a sponsor, or selection of sponsors, to help me do that. I will represent sponsors in multiple ways, from wearing their logo on my judo suits, which I compete and train in around the world, to promoting them on social and mainstream media wherever possible. Ideally, the sponsor will become a part of my journey and success. Any support, small or large, will fuel my judo career and be hugely appreciated."

Tatum Keen
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