Saronti steps in when Covid stops school fundraising

4/8/2021, 10:10 am

For Immediate Release 

Covid restrictions and lockdowns killed off many school fundraisers this year, but a Hertfordshire-based publishing business, Saronti, run by two mums has been helping primary schools all over the country raise funds by enabling them to create their very own cookbooks. 

The school attended by the son of Saronti director, Karine Large, asked for help making a template for a cookbook, along with a way for parents to submit recipes and photos securely online. Along with the template and upload system, Saronti were able to offer printing of the books at a highly competitive price, allowing a generous margin for fundraising on each copy sold. 

Realising that other PTAs and parents were struggling to put together a cookbook, Saronti put a post on a Facebook group about the free template. The uptake for the template rapidly reached the hundreds and production of cookbooks has been non-stop, with some schools raising up to £350, not to mention the amazing books they've created. It's great to see Covid doesn't have to stop school fundraising. Karine Large said:

Covid has hit schools hard in so many ways and Saronti is proud to be giving something back. The cookbooks have been a real success and we look forward to supporting similar initiatives in the future.

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