Pigs in Blankets blunder goes viral

7/12/2021, 6:09 pm

When Sheffield-based Gaynor Lockwood Edwards stared at her first ‘Pigs in Blankets' Christmas tree decoration and realised it looked more like a 'Crap in a Wrap', little did she know that her crochet cock-up would go viral.

On 3 December, Gaynor, who runs Cactus-themed online crochet store, Quirky Cactus, posted a picture of her creation on Facebook group, Not On Amazon, a rapidly growing online community of artists and makers with 170k members — and the reaction astounded her.

Five days on and Gaynor's post has received over 1.8k likes and generated nearly 350 comments, and sales of her festive faux pas have gone through the roof.

Gaynor has received so many orders that she has even had to tell a number of customers they'll have to wait until next Christmas before her tiny turds can hang next to the tinsel, and that's despite hiring two people to help create them. She says:

It was immediately obvious that my first attempt at a Pig in a Blanket tree decoration was a bit of a fail. It didn't help that the tweedy bits created an unfortunate sweetcorn effect. But I thought it was a bit of fun and posted a picture on Not On Amazon. The response and engagement have blown me away. My biggest seller to date is William the Cocktus, a willy-shaped cactus with a smiley face, but there may now be a new sheriff in town."

Gaynor has made headlines in the past, when she sent The Witcher star, Henry Cavill, one of her Lion hats, which he wore when running a marathon to raise funds for Jersey Zoo, where he was born (Jersey, not the zoo). Everyone subsequently went Lion hat mad.

Pig in a Blanket or Crap in a Wrap? You decide…
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