Newspage launches self-serve 'ViewsWire' for UK journalists, connecting them with small businesses and charities at scale

12/3/2022, 11:40 am
  • Dozens of trade, local and national journalists have already been making use of the Newspage ViewsWire, which enables them to connect with 000s of small businesses and charities in real-time
  • Newspage‘s ViewsWire lets journalists create bespoke ‘News Alerts’, or media requests, in under a minute, with all responses populating a bespoke URL only they can see 
  • Newspage gives journalists access to the expertise of thousands of hyper-engaged experts in all sectors who don’t have PR firms and would traditionally be off the media radar
  • The ViewsWire is initially being trialled in six key sectors: residential property, mortgages, financial advice, retail, HR and psychology/wellbeing, as well as generic stories relevant to small business and charity owners

15 March 2022The free PR platform, Newspage, has launched a self-serve tool for journalists, enabling them to connect effortlessly with 000s of experts and source rapid comment, stories and case studies without the need to go via a PR agency.

The ‘ViewsWire’ has already proven a huge hit with UK journalists across local, trade and national media, giving them instant access to a wealth of new business owners and experts to quote or feature as case studies. Since its launch last year, Newspage has secured over 50,000 pieces of mainstream media coverage for its rapidly growing user base. One article on a national newspaper website last month had 18 ‘Newspagers’ featured in it.

Newspage’s ViewsWire enables journalists to create bespoke ‘News Alerts’ (media requests) in under a minute, and target the specific sectors or industries they want by simply ‘tagging’ the alert with the appropriate keywords. All responses then populate a bespoke URL that only they can see. Crucially, everything is in one place as opposed to arriving in multiple emails and from multiple sources.

Journalists can find out all the information they need to know about the people they are quoting on their respective Newspages, which contain key company/charity information, media packs and show where they have appeared in the media to date.

Newspage is rolling out the ViewsWire with select national, local and trade journalists throughout March and will make it available on a sector by sector basis in the months ahead. The key sectors at launch (beyond general small business- and charity-related News Alerts) are:

  • Residential property
  • Mortgages
  • Financial advice
  • Retail
  • HR
  • Psychology/wellbeing

Journalists can create a Newspage account >> here <<.

Freelance journalist, John Fitzsimmons, commented:

 Newspage has been a lifesaver. It provides me with a fast and straightforward way to connect with experts in their field, who can offer exactly the sort of insights my readers want." 

Freelance journalist, Angelique Ruzicka, added:

Newspage makes sourcing quotes so much easier than the other options available to journalists. If I want views from financial advisers, they appear in one place and if I want to find out more information about them or use a headshot, I can simply click through to their Newspage. You can also see on people’s Newspages where they have been quoted before, which gives you important peace of mind.” 

Newspage founder, Dominic Hiatt, commented:

Newspage enables journalists and bloggers to access a wealth of expertise and insight, as well as case studies and stories, from small business and charity owners around the UK, who would typically be off their radar because they can’t afford a PR agency. Our tech enables them to create bespoke News Alerts in under a minute and target thousands of people instantly. They don’t need to deal with an avalanche of emails as everything appears in one place. The feedback we’ve had from journalists so far is that they love the diversity of voice, and also the raw, unpolished views that our community of users give them. These aren’t big businesses who sit on the fence but small businesses and charity owners who say it as it is. There’s a distinct lack of PR fluff that the journalists using our platform find completely refreshing.”

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