Not so fond of the Tories? Fill your boots...

13/2/2022, 3:51 pm

Not so fond of the Tories? Want to see Boris and his partying pals booted out of Number 10?

If so, Facebook group Not On Amazon has created a list of 20 anti-Tory creations, from fashion accessories and jewellery to birthday cards and T-shirts. There are even anti-Boris biscuits.

You can go all out with bold embroidered hearts on your boots or be slightly more subtle in the way you voice your views with a Morse code bracelet.

There's something for everyone below from Not On Amazon members, assuming you don't vote conservative…

Not On Amazon founder, Jamie Rackham, commented:

You can be subtle about your political views or outright in-your-face with these products. There's something for everyone, assuming you can't stand the Tories, that is."  

  • It doesn't get any clearer than these embroidered hearts at AmabilisUK:
  • Scrunchies, face masks, it's all happening over at Lillisuk:
  • Say sod it to subtle? Go all out with this Tee from AJ Couture:
  • Put this purring print on your wall courtesy of BazaardeLory:
  • Buy all the anti-Tory soft fabrics you need over at PB Fabrics:


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