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New business incorporations: Q1 2021

ended 29. April 2021

This morning at 09:30 the Office for National Statistics published data on the number of companies incorporated between January and March 2021. It showed the number of incorporations in the first quarter of 2021 was the largest quarter one year on year increase since 2012. Below are a selection of alert_responses from business owners and experts.

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4 responses from the Newspage community

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"The largest first quarter increase in incorporations for nine years proves that necessity is the mother of creativity. The pandemic has been the trigger for many to make their own living. "We are now seeing these new businesses that originally set up at the kitchen table joining our high streets as pop-ups or permanent bricks and mortar ventures. "There are exciting times ahead for these start-ups and our local communities more generally."

"In my eyes, the significant surge in incorporations during the first quarter of 2021 is the beginning of the economic recovery of this country. "I have definitely seen a major upturn in people either thinking about starting their own business or getting on and doing it. "The work-from-home culture that is now firmly embedded is still a learning curve for many. "With that in mind, I would strongly advise anyone starting their own business to find a community that can support them and help them to be as successful as possible."

"The record increase in new business incorporations in the first quarter comes as no surprise. We are seeing a significant increase in small business confidence around the country. "This is especially the case in the East Midlands. Confidence in this area of the country is the highest in the UK according to the latest FSB survey. "However, on the ground I think that, though small businesses are optimistic, they are also cautious. The effects of the pandemic are still very raw and we need to rebuild carefully, as we are not out of the woods yet. "Green shoots are emerging from the winter but we must protect ourselves from any sudden late frosts."

"At OvenGleamers, we have certainly seen a major upsurge in people wanting to start their own business. "The number of enquiries for people applying for a franchise has increased dramatically. 'We suspect a large factor in that is working from home, which has enabled many people to reassess their life choices. "Many more people these days yearn to be their own boss, working locally and, more importantly, for themselves." OvenGleamers helps them get started with a proven business model with a fast-start 3 month marketing launch to get them achieving profitability within the first 6 months. Our premium positioning is backed by the safest cleaning processes and equipment and our in-house Booking Centre sets us apart from our competitors. Indeed, we have the highest percentage of higher earning franchisees within the industry. Ends Graham Rogers, OvenGleamers