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Instagram outage - views from small business owners

ended 02. September 2021

Got any thoughts on the Instagram outage today? Could be practical tips, coping strategies, or passing comment about the abject reliance of humanity on social media platforms to communicate, some would say exist.

4 responses from the Newspage community

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"As a mortgage broker who likes to strut my stuff, an Insta outage is like losing my dancing limbs! Not to mention I lost valuable meme time and ended up having to actually talk to someone! Come on Zuck - get it sorted."

"An outage on the day I ventured from the safety of the Midlands to central London! I stood, lost, with no one influencing where I eat or drink. Then I looked up, and there was a whole world outside of my phone, in front of me to simply explore. It was life, but not as most of us now know it."

"I’m an utterly outraged Mother Hen. With 11k followers we had in our clutches a golden egg. Sadly our cunning plan to use Instagram to resell cancelled holidays at the last minute has been scrambled. Anyone fancy a holiday in Salcombe? I’ll throw in some quails eggs…"

"While Instagram is now a great platform for winning new business, especially for small and micro business owners, you can't just rely on social media. If businesses have been impacted by the Instagram outage then, quite simply, they don't have a good enough marketing system in place, and have their eggs in too few baskets."