Lockdown-inspired fitness business to open studio in Southampton

7/9/2021, 8:16 pm

A Southampton-based fitness business that launched outdoors and on Zoom during Lockdown 1 2020 is opening its first physical studio on Saturday 11th September.

Mindset Body Transformations was set up by 42-year old mother of two, Carrie Bortier, during the first national lockdown and, from this weekend, will operate out of the Pound for Pound Palace on Northam Road, Southampton.

Carrie left a high paid job at a FTSE 100 company with a company car and numerous other benefits to start her own business as she was suffering from severe anxiety after being mistreated by her line manager. She says:

During the first national lockdown, while on furlough at the FTSE 100 giant I have now left, I decided to start an informal bootcamp for friends and old Personal Training clients. I just wanted to give people something to look forward to in what was a dark and depressing time. We started doing bootcamps outdoors, which was allowed as long as we followed the strict Covid guidelines. People just kept coming and it grew and grew and, as restrictions tightened, I managed to grow the business even further by moving it online.

Carrie says she would never have started her own business, as she had always worked in sales for large corporates and earned a comfortable living. But the experience of being bullied at work, being on furlough and the feel-good factor that came through helping others to exercise meant she decided to make the leap. She says she is now more determined than ever to work for nobody but herself, and loves running a fitness company for people who don't fit into the normal "Gym-goer" category. She adds:

I never in a million years would have believed I'd be running my own business. I now get to help women feel more confident and become fitter and healthier. It's literally the best job in the world.  With the studio and the amazing team I have built around me, we can help even more people. It just goes to show that if you are passionate about something and work hard anything is achievable, even in the height of a global pandemic.

Mindset Body Transformations opens with a launch party this Saturday (11th September) at the Pound For Pound Palace, Northam Road, Southampton. For more information on all the services they offer, visit

Carrie's first studio opens on 11th September 2021
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