18-year old Gateshead-based singer-songwriter releases debut single

3/9/2021, 4:37 pm

Gateshead-based 18-year old singer-songwriter, Liam Harris, has just released his debut single, 'Smoke In My Lungs', from his upcoming EP, 'The Boy on the Shed'. 

Recorded and produced at a local studio in Gateshead, in the North East, the song is now available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify. And there's more music coming soon.

Liam, who is soon off to the University of Liverpool to study media and communications, first started writing music at the end of 2019, but only lyrics. He wanted to be the singer in a band as he couldn't play an instrument.

Gimme that guitar

Then, when the pandemic struck and the country went into lockdown, he found his old guitar and mini-amp and thought that if he was going to write songs, he might as well give the guitar a go, too. He says:

Lockdown gave me all the time I needed to write songs and learn the guitar from scratch. I'm not exaggerating to say I played it for a minimum of 5 or 6 hours a day. I managed to find one huge positive out of the pandemic, and that was music.

Liam's debut single is an accumulation of stories from nights out during the first week after lockdown ended. It's a mixture of drunken lines and morning after thoughts. Reflecting on his debut single, Liam says:

The whole thing still feels pretty surreal to me. Especially as I couldn't even play the guitar 18 months ago. With Smoke In My Lungs, I've tried to create a song that's relatable and immature in a kind of teenage relationship sense. 

The future

Liam plans to keep writing music and hopefully put together a band to start playing these songs live rather than just him and an acoustic guitar. He plans to release another single from the EP within the next two months, and the whole EP by the end of the year/very early 2022. 

Smoke In My Lungs - on Spotify.

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