Financial advice firm, Net-Worth NTWRK, celebrates 10th birthday

6/6/2023, 4:05 pm

Newcastle-under-Lyme-based financial services firm, Net-Worth NTWRK, is this week celebrating its 10th birthday. 

The wealth manager, launched in 2013, is run by CEO Wes Wilkes and his sister, Amy Johnson, who is Managing Partner.

Originally launched as Iron Market, the firm rebranded to Net-Worth NTWRK in early 2023 to better reflect the way the three different divisions of the company interact and the unique community of clients — or ‘members’ — it is building.

Many of its wealth management clients are SME owners and so the company has recently broadened its proposition and invested in new divisions providing business insurance, headed up by Steve Burns, and recruitment solutions, headed up by Kerri-Ann Hargreaves. These divisions dovetail seamlessly with the core financial advisory services provided, adding further value for the end client.

In contrast to its peers, the Net-Worth NTWRK promotes itself as a community of business owners with a common goal, who act as mentors to, or can be mentored by, the others according to the skills each possesses.

Wes Wilkes launched the company when he was made redundant from Santander in 2013 due to the impact of the Retail Distribution Review, which reshaped the way financial advice is given.

The Net-Worth NTWRK, a directly authorised firm providing advice and discretionary investment management alongside its risk and talent arms, currently employs 22 staff, almost all of whom are based in Stoke and Newcastle-under-Lyme, where it is headquartered.

Wes Wilkes, CEO of the Net-Worth NTWRK, commented:

“After suddenly finding myself out of a job, the first 10 years of running this company has been a brilliant journey, and fortunately one with significantly more ups than downs. We have grown the company from just myself at the beginning to 22 staff, the majority of whom are based locally. We have big plans for the next decade as we continue to create a holistic platform that serves the needs of our members, typically business owners, in multiple ways. We like to refer to what we offer businesses as wealth empowerment rather than wealth management, as we are about the journey with our members as much as the destination."

Amy Johnson, Managing Partner of the Net-Worth NTWRK, added:

“We've created a unique environment where the members of our network can interact with, support and learn from not just ourselves but the other members. The wealth empowerment services we provide are not siloed but enable our members to make their individual businesses and finances stronger, together. We like to think we have a community of clients rather than a client base.”

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