Mini Bars and SVRs: Hudson Rose opens in Cirencester

15/7/2021, 10:39 am

Rock n' roll mortgage and insurance adviser, Hudson Rose, which is the polar opposite of everything you would expect from a financial services firm, has opened its second branch in Cirencester.

Shunning the traditional look and feel of financial services (and then some), the firm has seen strong growth over the past year as people have made the most of ultra-competitive mortgages rates, the Stamp Duty holiday — and increasingly sought to move home for lifestyle reasons due to the pandemic.

Ditching the suited and booted approach of most mortgage and insurance advisers, the firm looks nothing like its peers. Dull desks and office furniture are out and neon signs and beer fridges are in.

The Cirencester branch of Hudson Rose adds to the firm's first branch in Nailsworth, just south of Stroud, where the shop front has passed into local legend. Managing Director, Graham Taylor, says:

“When the Romans first rocked up in Corinium, they created quite a stir and we intend to do much the same, minus the swords and imperialism of course. We like to think we offer the best mortgage and insurance advice possible, but with a bit of extra pizzazz. We're encouraging all the people of Cirencester and surrounds to pop by our new office for a chat and an ice-cold beer. After all, it's not written in stone that mortgages and insurance have to be dull."

Mini bars and SVRs at Hudson Rose

The New Cirencester office pink neons… shining light onto mortgages.

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