New data: 'Ghosting' mentions +208% in Glassdoor interview reviews

27/10/2022, 10:22 am

Ahead of Halloween on Monday, Glassdoor has uncovered some chilling stats about being ghosted in the interview process.

Despite the continued tight labour market and many companies finding it difficult to hire, job seekers are finding themselves increasingly ghosted.

  • The share of interview reviews on Glassdoor that mention ‘ghosting’ has tripled (up 208%) since pre-pandemic (Feb 2020)
  • Candidates applying via recruiters report the most instances of being ghosted.
  • Job seekers who mention ghosting are nearly 5x more likely to rate their interview experience as negative than those who don’t mention ghosting.

What can job seekers do to avoid being ghosted?

Get the facts: Before the interview finishes, ask for details about the next steps of the hiring process and deadlines on when to expect an outcome so you know what to hear back.

Follow up: On the same or next day of the interview send a note to each person you met with. Take the opportunity to reiterate why you think you would be a good fit for the role and your passion for the company.

A final attempt: If you don’t hear from the hiring manager by the agreed deadline and there’s been no response to your first thank you, follow up with one last email. If there’s still no response, assume there has been a hold on the hiring process or the role has been filled.

What should job seekers do if they have been ghosted?

Keep professional: You may not have had a great experience but you won’t gain anything from bad-mouthing the company or hiring manager. Share your views on employee insights platforms such as Glassdoor, but keep to relevant points and offer constructive feedback as and when appropriate.

Mentally move on: You may never find out why an employer ghosted you but don’t let this hold you back from applying for the next job. Focus on what you want from your next career move and be ready to make this happen.

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When companies leave candidates in the dark, they risk both blemishing their employer brand and losing out on top talent. When it comes to the interview process, it’s best to be transparent – let the candidate know if you don’t plan to move on with them. It allows them to carry on their job search without feeling unsettled.

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